Recreational Classes.

Want to learn how to do cool things on a trampoline or just looking for a fun way to get some exercise? If you answered yes, then our recreational classes are for you!

Ultimate Trampoline offers recreational classes on our 6 Olympic-style trampolines, which are coached by our awesome Gymnastics Ontario NCCP certified instructors. Our coaches have many years of experience in the sport of trampoline and are very passionate and dedicated in what they do.

All of the recreational jumpers will go through our 24 level system which takes participants from the beginning of the fundamentals, through to advanced inversions (double flips), while implementing a fun and safe environment.

Our recreational system consists of 10 skills per level. Once jumpers master their skills, they are tested by a complex routine. Once successfully passed they will receive their level achievement badge. The coaches work one-on-one with each jumper. This ensures all participants can work at their own pace and skill level, maximizing their success, while being safe and having fun.

Did you know that the sport of trampoline has earned Canada a medal at the Olympic Games since it was introduced in year 2000? The medal success of our country’s trampolinists, begin with a journey that starts right here at the grassroots, in programs such as our recreational classes!

Cost: $195.95+tax for 10 week session

Please note that there is a $30 annual Gymnastics Ontario registration fee

Contact us for bookings. Call (905) 895-9091 or email

Recreational class schedule session 3
(November 26th-February 11th)
(November 20th-February 5th)
(November 21st-February 6th)
(November 22nd-February 7th)
(November 23rd-February 8th)
(November 24th-February 9th)
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